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         實力雄厚  值得信賴





         經營廣泛  產品豐富



         用心服務  追求卓越


         Zhangzhou XiangCheng xinhui plastic co., LTD., founded in 1997, is a collection of plastic products production, management, sales in a body private enterprise.

      As a national entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau franchise export packing container quality compliance enterprise, the company has developed into a fujian province's largest system of injection molding products 

         Make one of manufacturer, plastic industry in a leading level in the whole province.

         Located in Beidou Industrial Park of Jinfeng Industrial District in Zhang Zhou, company has a standardized production base of more than 20000 square meters and an annual productiion capability of ten thousand tons plastic products. 

         Company has over thirty fully computer-controlled injection molding machines which vary in sizes from 250T to 2400T. and many other advanced production equipments. 

         Moreover, by owning a professional team consists of experienced elites and hi-tech talents, company is capable to undertake the production of all types of large-scale projects. 

         Business Wide, Product Rich

         Company specially produces plastic pallets, circulation boxes, baskets, bins, water tanks, barrels, daily goods and a variety of plastic products. Our products have been widely used in canned food, glace fruit & nuts, storage and transportation of vegetables and fruits, clothing and shoes, household articles, electronics, hardware fittings, industry of pottery, aquatic refrigeration and aquaculture and so on. 

         By offering a complete range of specifications, environmental and reliable quality, plus competitive price and best service, our company has won the confidences of many domestic and foreign customers.

         Intentions Services, Excellence Pursuit

         After many years of careful management and hearted service, XinHui has graduallly become more and more mature with the excellent suppport and friendship of customers

         We adhere to the tenet of “people first, business integrity, sustainable development” and the concept of “scale-based, quality survival, efficiency promoted”. Sticking to the principle of market-oriented, company continually develops new products of customer favorite by adding new equipments, in order to better serve our clients. 

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